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Université de Lyon

The Université de Lyon is a so-called COMUE (community of universities and higher-education establishments) that federates 12 institutions of higher education and research within the Lyon-Saint-Étienne region, as well as associated establishments.

UdL is home to 129,000 students, 11,500 researchers and teacher-researchers and 220 public laboratories, and offers quality training programmes in all scientific fields: the humanities and social sciences, life sciences, material sciences, technologies, health, the arts, culture, literature and languages.

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A public scientific, cultural and vocational institution, the Université de Lyon federates and promotes the great scientific potential of the Lyon and Saint-Étienne site by initiating and coordinating large-scale projects for the benefit of all stakeholders:

  • UdL coordinates its members' training offer and their research and transfer strategy via the pursuit of a common project.
  • UdL elaborates a project for improving students' quality of life.
  • UdL ensures the promotion of the Lyon and Saint-Étienne site and its initiatives at the national and international levels.  


the UNIVERSITÉ DE LYON on the international stage

The Université de Lyon pursues a dynamic and ambitious international policy, translating into the creation of exchange programmes, hosting programmes, joint training programmes and shared research programmes, with notably:


The Alliance Internationale

The Alliance Internationale international cooperation network relies on a dozen partner universities scattered among five different geographic zones: the transalpine Lake Geneva plateau, China, Japan, Canada and Brazil. The Alliance Internationale stimulates structured research partnerships by building shared scientific platforms. It supports and develops joint degree courses to complement research collaborations, particularly at the Master and PhD levels.<0} It implements targeted mobility programmes. It also strives to build and strengthen bridges between the academic, industrial, political and cultural sectors.
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The Collegium de Lyon

Each year, the Collegium de Lyon invites some two dozen researchers from outside the Rhône-Alpes region, selected by an international scientific committee. During their research stay, these guest scientists initiate research projects focusing on political and societal issues.
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The Espace Ulys is an integral part of the Université de Lyon’s international strategy.


the palse Programme

The Espace Ulys continues its development as part of the Avenir Lyon Saint-Étienne Programme (PALSE), supported by the Université de Lyon within the framework of the national Investissements d'Avenir ("Investments in the Future") Programme launched in 2012. Over fifty initiatives are financed and supported by PALSE to improve the attractiveness and strengthen the international influence of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, while reinforcing its training and research potential, developing its partnerships with the socio-economic world, and improving the accessibility to and dissemination of its knowledge.

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