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The Espace Ulys team

The Espace Ulys is first and foremost a convivial multilingual team to welcome you and assist you.


Catherine Dall’agnol, manager

Catherine has overseen the creation and development of the Espace Ulys since February 2014. Trained in communication, she enjoys extensive experience on the international stage and in project management. Working closely with her team, she has developed the centre’s current services offer, with the goal of improving the hosting of foreign scientists.


Aurélie Rosado, destination services manager

Aurélie was initially dedicated to welcoming high-level researchers to the Collegium de Lyon – an Institut d’Etudes Avancées (“Advanced Research Institute”), member of the “French Network of Advanced Research Institutes” – which she has carefully overseen since 2011. She joined the Espace Ulys in January 2015, in charge of welcoming visiting researchers and assisting them in all the necessary formalities and procedures associated with their stay in Lyon.


Bénédicte Gramond, project manager

Bénédicte left Paris in September 2014 to participate in the development of the Espace Ulys. Bénédicte offers extensive experience in inter-university cooperation: she worked during two years for the grants/scholarships department of the French embassy in Russia and four years for the Vice-Directorate for Higher Education of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. For the Espace Ulys, she oversees various transversal projects: French-as-a-foreign-language courses, a programme for sponsoring PhD students, and training programmes for partner institutions and laboratories.