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About espace Ulys


Espace Ulys is first and foremost a convivial and ever attentive multilingual team dedicated to welcoming foreign scientists and their families to the Lyon-Saint-Étienne area. We provide day-to-day assistance for all measures and procedures relative to preparing your arrival and enjoying a pleasant, successful stay. We also organize regular get-togethers to facilitate your integration and help you settle in to your new life here in Lyon or Saint-Étienne. 


To benefit from our free services, all you need to do is register in the EURAXESS France database dedicated to foreign scientists.
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Espace Ulys is a Services Centre, member of the European EURAXESS network and the EURAXESS France Association. Initiated by the European Commission and launched in 2004, the network comprises over 200 Services Centres in 40 countries. Its mission is to accompany and assist guest researchers, from both within and outside the European Union. The network can assist you in all your mobilities in France and in Europe. We invite you to consult the list of Services Centres!



Espace Ulys: an initiative of Université de Lyon, implemented by Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon.

Espace Ulys was created in January 2014 by the Université de Lyon, so as improve the welcoming and hosting of foreign scientists. Well aware of the high stakes linked to the mobility of talents and skills for research excellence, the Université de Lyon confided the project's management to Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon.

Université de Lyon has historically been closely involved in the hosting of foreign scientists, creating as early as 2004 a Université de Lyon Mobility Centre. For many years, this centre participated in the work groups of the ERA-more network, precursor to the EURAXESS network. In this manner, Espace Ulys was able to rely on the foundations of the already existent mobility centre to develop and enrich the present services offer.

The greater palate of services dedicated to the welcoming and hosting of foreign scientists, offered through the Espace Ulys, falls within the framework of the IDEXLYON, which seeks to make the Lyon Saint-Etienne site a major player within the research and higher education sector, at both the European and global levels.


Université de Lyon
The Université de Lyon is a so-called COMUE (community of universities and higher-education establishments) that brings together 11 universities and grandes écoles within the Lyon and Saint-Étienne area, as well as the CNRS, and gathers together 130,000 students and 12,000 researchers and teacher-researchers. It represents the second largest scientific cluster in all of France.
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Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon
Fondation for the Université de Lyon was created in 2012 under the shared impetus of Université de Lyon and private and public stakeholders. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage the international influence and prestige of Université de Lyon, to contribute to its further excellence and to strengthen its ties within the region.
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Espace Ulys benefits from the support of the local and regional authorities for its actions favouring the region’s attractiveness and influence.

Metropole de Lyon
Metropole de Lyon promotes the greater Lyon metropolitan area abroad, via ONLYLYON. Espace Ulys and ONLYLYON together pursue numerous activities and measures contributing to the hosting of foreign scientists, notably through the evening receptions held every six weeks for new arrivals.
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Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region strongly encourages the international mobility of university students, PhD students and researchers and, by supporting Espace Ulys, directly contributes to the hosting of foreign scientists, while at the same time collaborating with Université de Lyon to strengthen the internationalization of the region’s higher education and research stakeholders.
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