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ONLYLYON Ambassadors

ONLYLYON is a brand and a regional marketing programme created in 2007 by 13 institutional partners from the region sharing the same objective: favouring Lyon’s international influence and prestige.

Today, 26 public and private partners, including the Université de Lyon, work together to strengthen the fame and competitiveness of Lyon so as to attract projects, tourists and talents to the region. The activities and events organized by ONLYLYON (communication campaigns, press relations, Ambassadors network, etc.) seek to:

  • Favour Lyon’s fame and recognition.
  • Improve Lyon's attractiveness.
  • Attract visitors to Lyon.

The Espace Ulys, the international reception centre for the Université de Lyon, falls perfectly within this approach, placing the hosting of foreign researchers at the heart of the region’s promotional activities and events.

The close collaboration between the Espace Ulys since its creation in 2014 and ONLYLYON has allowed for the implementation of concrete shared actions dedicated to foreign scientists.

Organization of evening receptions in the Skyroom
Since 2012, ONLYLYON has benefitted from a unique venue for the city’s international promotion: the Skyroom. Located on the 27th floor of the Tour Oxygène, in the heart of the Part Dieu district, the Skyroom offers an exceptional 180° panoramic view over the city. The Espace Ulys has chosen this prestigious, innovative location for its evening receptions for new arrivals, held around every 6 weeks.
Find out more about the evening receptions in the Skyr oom

Foreign scientists’ participation in the “Addicted to Lyon” campaign
To encourage the presence of foreign scientists in the Lyon Saint-Étienne region, 5 of our international researchers and PhD students will participate in 2015 in the “Addicted to Lyon” promotional campaign. We are delighted to allow representatives of research and science to take part in promotional events for the region, thereby underlining the dynamism and innovation of our higher education and research activities.
See the 2015 campaign

ONLYLYON Ambassadors network
Created at the start of the programme, the Ambassadors network today comprises no less than 15,000 members. Whether Lyonnais by birth or by adoption, settled in the city or living abroad, the Ambassadors contribute by their actions and their attachment to Lyon to the international influence and prestige of the city.  The network has since spread around the world, today representing over 60 countries.

We strongly encourage our foreign researchers to join this network of ambassadors, so as to participate in the networking activities organized, to demonstrate their attachment to the city of Lyon and to contribute to Lyon’s fame and popularity around the world!
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