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Liability insurance

In France, whenever anyone unintentionally causes damage to another person or another person’s property, he/she is required to compensate that person for the damage caused. Civil liability insurance covers such compensation-related costs.

Civil liability insurance is obligatory. All French insurance companies offer this type of insurance policy. It is therefore very easy to take out such coverage. Civil liability insurance can occasionally be included in your home insurance policy. Do not hesitate to question your insurance company on this subject.

EURAXESS France has negotiated a special insurance offer for researchers with the AXA insurance company for civil liability coverage. To benefit from this offer, contact the ABC Assurance agency by e-mail or by phone; you will be requested to provide your EURAXESS member number. A representative is available to answer your questions from Tuesdays to Fridays.

More information on this offer.

Contact information for the ABC Assurance agency.
Tel : +33(0)3 81 84 22 22
Email :