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SCIENTISTS with a visa "Passeport talent chercheur" and their spouse

Non-European scientists ("passeport talent chercheur" visa) with a French working contract and their family

The Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM) is the branch of Social Security in charge of healthcare cover for employees. To register for healthcare cover you need to request a Social Security number from CPAM in Paris.

All the adult members of your family must be registered with Social Security.

Once you have received your Social Security number, you will be eligible to receive reimbursement of any healthcare expenses incurred as of your first day of employment.

You need to send your application to CPAM Paris International departement managing the affiliation for Passeport-Talent:

75948 PARIS CEDEX 19

Download the list of documents required by CPAM.

Once CPAM Paris has received your application, it will be processed within around one month. Within the following 3-6 months, you will receive a document called “Attestation de droits” and an application form for the Carte Vitale. This will simplify your future reimbursement claims.

For any other issues (care reimbursement with "feuilles de soins", salary compensation after hospitalisation "indemnisations journalières"), please contact the main CPAM Paris address as follow. Please remember to state your social security number in any letter you are addressing to CPAM.

75984 PARIS CEDEX 19


Non-European scientists ("passeport talent chercheur" visa) without a French working contract and their family

If you don't have French contract of employment, you can't register for healthcare cover.

If you are not covered in France by the Health organisation of your home country, you have other options:

  • Take a private insurance in your home country which will cover you and your family during your stay in France ;
  • Take a private insurance in France.