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Lyon is a safe, pleasant city in which to live. However, finding lodging for your stay can prove difficult and time-consuming. What's more, the rules and regulations governing rental housing in France may confuse you at first, especially if they differ significantly from those in your home country. It is therefore essential to gather useful, reliable information.

On this site, you will find information on:

We also encourage you to read the interactive housing guide (or as PDF) published by the FNAK. This thorough guide will help you to better understand rental housing in France.


the housing budget

Housing will constitute one of the most important elements of your budget. Rental rates in Lyon can be relatively high (around €600/month for a studio, €850 for a 1-bedroom apartment and over €1,000 for apartments with 2 or more bedrooms).

In addition to rent, you may have to add on:

  • Moving costs.
  • Property agency fees: usually around 1 month’s rent.
  • A security deposit: 1 month’s rent, excluding charges (possibly more for furnished accommodation).
  • Fee for opening a phone line.
  • Fees for turning on the water, gas and electricity.
  • Home insurance.

In addition, in France, all persons occupying a lodging on 1 January must pay a taxe d’habitation (“housing tax”). This tax must be paid, even if you have moved during the year, within France or abroad. You will be sent a tax notice in September by post to your residence or to the address that you provided to the administration. Contact the owner of your lodging or the rental property agency for your tax amount.

For more information on these housing expenses, consult the housing guide published by the FNAK.


where to move?

Lyon is a safe city, benefitting from a particularly well-connected and efficient public transport system.

There aren't really any neighbourhoods to avoid for safety reasons.

If your housing budget is limited, you might consider looking further from the city centre, with the outer edges of Lyon (Villeurbanne, Bron, Oullins, etc.) offering more affordable rents. As long as you live near a metro or tramway station, you will still be able to easily and rapidly move around the city.